Hi Cayugabirders,

I'm area coordinator for Area III which includes the Village of Dryden, Hammond 
Hill, Yellow Barn State Forest and areas south to Slaterville. I have a couple 
of areas for which I still need birders to count. If you'd like to participate 
please contact me directly m...@cornell.edu for further details

The areas not yet covered are:

Irish Settlement Road  - lots of open space adjacent to and including the Park 
Preserve and Hammond Hill. Several houses with feeders along the road, as well 
as spots frequented by Northern Shrike in the recent past. 

South side of the Village of Dryden, including Ferguson Road (a suburban area 
but likely to have several feeders with birds) and as much of Yellow Barn Road 
as you care to cover (starts out suburban but then heads through forest with 
the possibility of Common Raven and/or winter finches) 

Please consider joining in the fun. It's a great way to start the new year!


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