It was worth bundling up for a cold walk by Cayuga Lake today (having just 
spent 6 days in balmy Florida).

I found at least 3, maybe more, pairs of beautiful Eastern Bluebirds around #s 
644 -655 on Lansing Station Rd. The males were brilliant blue!
They were with a bunch of DE Juncos and ranged from a hedgerow by a long 
driveway up the hill, to cedar trees and other trees, to the space under a 
house porch roof (over the lower roof of the house at 655); I wondered if they 
go there for shelter at night (faces east).

Then I saw a Mallard pair fly into the parking lot at one of our apartment 
houses, no doubt spooked by hunters down the lake.

Also seen here at # 535:
3 pairs No. Cardinals, 2-3 BC Chickadees, 1 pair of Carolina Wrens that sleep 
in a little nest basket at night, under my front porch roof (faces east), 2-3 
White Breasted Nuthatches, Woodpeckers _ Red Belly, Hairy, Downy, 3 dozen A. 
Goldfinches, a few Mo Do-s, 12 House Sparrows, 4 A. Crows, several Blue Jays 
and DE Juncos.

Yesterday, when I got out of the car in my garage (door opens electronically), 
I heard what I thought was an empty milk jug blowing around, only to see that 
it was actually a small hawk banging against the glass on the side window of 
the garage.

I went right over to help it get out through the big open garage door and saw 
that it was a beautiful little Sharp Shinned Hawk with a slate blue back!
It seemed unharmed as it flew out into the front yard and landed in a tree.
I don't know if it had flown in the garage before my errands or a few moments 
before I found it when I arrived home.

I hope Steve's Towhee shows up on count day!

I am recording feeder counts at the Lab of O from 4-6 PM on Christmas Bird 
Count day, Jan. 1.
If you live in the Count Circle, phone 254-2473 with your feeder counts, if you 
stay home that cold day.

I will try owling in Region 9 in the wee hours. Have had a report of a Great 
Horned Owl in the vicinity of Buck and VanOstrand Rds.

Good birding,
Donna Scott

Donna L. Scott
535 Lansing Station Road
Lansing, NY 14882<>


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