I was scouting out my Christmas bird count area yesterday, and did a little 
birding today. I managed to see a good number of things that are often missed 
on the Ithaca CBC, so at least they will be count week. Here is an incomplete 

Snow Goose - a single bird flying past Myers Point yesterday
Cackling Goose - a single bird in with a massive number of Canada Geese flying 
over Stewart Park going out to the lake this afternoon; possibly disturbed off 
the Newman golf course. I could not refind it on the water.
Mute Swan - 8 individuals flying in from the north and landing off Stewart Park 
this afternoon
Tundra Swan - 11 individuals in the water off Stewart Park this afternoon
American Wigeon - two south of Myers Point yesterday, and one or two in the big 
Redhead flock
Canvasback - not usually uncommon, but I saw fewer than a dozen in the Redhead 
flock yesterday, which I estimated (twice) to be 10,000 ducks
Ring-necked Duck - many in Redhead flock
Greater Scaup - several south of Myers
Lesser Scaup - some in with Redhead flock
(Possible) Surf Scoter - far NW of East Shore Park this afternoon; too far for 
positive ID, but head shape looked good, and I never saw white in the wings, 
even when it was preening
White-winged Scoter - At least 11 in flock just off East Shore this afternoon; 
included 3 adult males; foraging for zebra mussels
Long-tailed Duck - 3 off East Shore this afternoon, 3 off Myers yesterday (but 
out of count area)
Common Goldeneye - a few off East Shore
Red-breasted Merganser - at least one female south of Myers, and a group of 4 
females off East Shore yesterday
Ruddy Duck - 3 in Redhead flock off East Shore yesterday
Horned Grebe - 2 far NW of East Shore this afternoon. I only found them because 
they swam past my scoter "sp." that I was intently staring at in the scope for 
what seemed like an hour. They were so small and pale, and the shimmer was so 
intense that I am pretty sure I would not have picked them up on a normal scan.
Great Blue Heron - flying over Aldi's parking lot this afternoon
Black Vulture - 4 at the Game Farm today. New to count!!!
American Coot - never missed, I don't think, but I only had 7 at Myers and 3 in 
the Redhead flock
Iceland Gull - 3 on the ice north of Stewart Park at dusk this evening. Gulls 
are short this year. I've seen very few individuals of Ring-billed Gull, and 
after having 5 in one day a month ago, I haven't seen a Lesser Black-backed 
Gull for weeks
Fish Crow - Not rare, but could be missed. They seem to have stopped coming to 
the Cornell compost facility as of this week, which is their normal pattern. 
They want dorm waste, not stuff from greenhouses, so they often take a break 
until school starts up again at the end of January. I did encounter a few of 
them quietly foraging with the noisy American Crow group in Ithaca near Beverly 
J. Martin school this afternoon. We have more than half of the local population 
banded and tagged right now, so if you read the letters on a tag of a bird you 
suspect of being a Fish Crow, let me know and I'll check out who it is.
(outside the count area) American Pipit - One or two on the point at Myers and 
the gravel spit off Salt Point. Outside the CBC zone, but still present for 
people who want to get a jump on the 2018 David Cup.

Okay, we know these birds are in the area, so let's get them officially on the 
count! Also, I heard that a couple of Northern Pintail were seen yesterday in 
the big Redhead flock when it was along the east shore.

Anyone else have notable birds for count week so far?



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