Peregrine Falcon - I stopped by Stevenson Road today to see the Black Vultures 
and it flew by landing among the Pheasants for a minute, but didn’t carry any 

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> On Dec 30, 2017, at 5:42 PM, Kevin J. McGowan <> wrote:
> I was scouting out my Christmas bird count area yesterday, and did a little 
> birding today. I managed to see a good number of things that are often missed 
> on the Ithaca CBC, so at least they will be count week. Here is an incomplete 
> list.
> Snow Goose – a single bird flying past Myers Point yesterday
> Cackling Goose – a single bird in with a massive number of Canada Geese 
> flying over Stewart Park going out to the lake this afternoon; possibly 
> disturbed off the Newman golf course. I could not refind it on the water.
> Mute Swan – 8 individuals flying in from the north and landing off Stewart 
> Park this afternoon
> Tundra Swan – 11 individuals in the water off Stewart Park this afternoon
> American Wigeon – two south of Myers Point yesterday, and one or two in the 
> big Redhead flock
> Canvasback – not usually uncommon, but I saw fewer than a dozen in the 
> Redhead flock yesterday, which I estimated (twice) to be 10,000 ducks
> Ring-necked Duck – many in Redhead flock
> Greater Scaup – several south of Myers
> Lesser Scaup – some in with Redhead flock
> (Possible) Surf Scoter – far NW of East Shore Park this afternoon; too far 
> for positive ID, but head shape looked good, and I never saw white in the 
> wings, even when it was preening
> White-winged Scoter – At least 11 in flock just off East Shore this 
> afternoon; included 3 adult males; foraging for zebra mussels
> Long-tailed Duck – 3 off East Shore this afternoon, 3 off Myers yesterday 
> (but out of count area)
> Common Goldeneye – a few off East Shore
> Red-breasted Merganser – at least one female south of Myers, and a group of 4 
> females off East Shore yesterday
> Ruddy Duck – 3 in Redhead flock off East Shore yesterday
> Horned Grebe – 2 far NW of East Shore this afternoon. I only found them 
> because they swam past my scoter “sp.” that I was intently staring at in the 
> scope for what seemed like an hour. They were so small and pale, and the 
> shimmer was so intense that I am pretty sure I would not have picked them up 
> on a normal scan.
> Great Blue Heron – flying over Aldi’s parking lot this afternoon
> Black Vulture – 4 at the Game Farm today. New to count!!!
> American Coot – never missed, I don’t think, but I only had 7 at Myers and 3 
> in the Redhead flock
> Iceland Gull – 3 on the ice north of Stewart Park at dusk this evening. Gulls 
> are short this year. I’ve seen very few individuals of Ring-billed Gull, and 
> after having 5 in one day a month ago, I haven’t seen a Lesser Black-backed 
> Gull for weeks
> Fish Crow – Not rare, but could be missed. They seem to have stopped coming 
> to the Cornell compost facility as of this week, which is their normal 
> pattern. They want dorm waste, not stuff from greenhouses, so they often take 
> a break until  school starts up again at the end of January. I did encounter 
> a few of them quietly foraging with the noisy American Crow group in Ithaca 
> near Beverly J. Martin school this afternoon. We have more than half of the 
> local population banded and tagged right now, so if you read the letters on a 
> tag of a bird you suspect of being a Fish Crow, let me know and I’ll check 
> out who it is.
> (outside the count area) American Pipit – One or two on the point at Myers 
> and the gravel spit off Salt Point. Outside the CBC zone, but still present 
> for people who want to get a jump on the 2018 David Cup.
> Okay, we know these birds are in the area, so let’s get them officially on 
> the count! Also, I heard that a couple of Northern Pintail were seen 
> yesterday in the big Redhead flock when it was along the east shore.
> Anyone else have notable birds for count week so far?
> Kevin
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