There were THOUSANDS of geese gliding in over the lake and into Mill 
Pond, mingling with more thousands of assorted ducks. For those seeking 
a good place to see lots of waterfowl, the comparatively warm water of 
Mill Pond is drawing a great concentration of many different types - 
bring good binocs and scopes, and stay in your cars, preferably on the 
far side of the street so as not to spook the birds away from the shore.

I've no way of knowing or even guessing how many there were, but on 
12/30/17 between 3:15 and 4:30 p.m. I know I saw:

*Canada geese* - /thousands/ on Cayuga Lake and Mill Pond.
*Snow geese* - on Cayuga Lake near Canoga, big flock on open water, 
smaller birds than the Swans below.
*Swan *- whichever kind makes the loud "hooting" calls, tundra? - LOTS, 
on the ice and water, both shores of Cayuga as far north and south as I 
could see.
*Mallard *- LOTS on Cayuga Lake and Mill Pond, some on Factory Pond.
*Redhead *- LOTS - an enormous raft probably numbering 10,000+ in 
midlake between Union Springs and Canoga, visible from the east end of 
Carr's Cove Rd. or Farley Pt. (I was on Carr's Cove Rd. w/landowner 
permission). Another flock on Mill Pond's NW corner suddenly began 
splashing, then raced en masse across the pond, spooking everything else 
toward the east side, leaving that corner vacant except for 2 or 3 ducks 
swimming serenely in the wide-open space left by the rest!
*A. Wigeon *- several, Mill & Factory Ponds
*Hooded merganser* - males, at least two, Mill Pond
*Bufflehead *- male & female, several, Mill & Factory Ponds
*Greenwing teal* - possible male, one? on Mill Pond
*Gadwall *- dozens on Lake and both Ponds.
If there were any scaup or canvasback, I didn't recognize them.
*Great black-backed gull *- 1, probably more on the distant ice, 
gathered around dead or dying birds.
*Gulls *- MANY in a gathering midlake, landing & quickly rising, as if 
grabbing small fish. Could not tell what kinds they were, but probably 
the usual culprits.

*Bald eagle* - at least 6-8 at and around the Great Gully Farm eagle 
nest #2, nearest Gully Creek, most perching in the nest tree. Saw one 
confirmed adult, several juveniles. Saw others on the ice, midlake, and 
one juv. flying out over the lake south of Gully Creek.
*Northern Harrier *- female, one, flying back & forth over the bay south 
of Gully Creek.

At my home on Ridge Rd., 3.5 miles east of Union Springs:

*Snow buntings* - 20-30 in a field along Spring St.*

*Junco at least 4*
*Northern Cardinal* - 1 male, 1 female
*Downy woodpecker* - 3
*Redbellied woodpecker* - 1 male
*Hairy woodpecker* - 1
*Nuthatch *- several
*Chickadee *- several
*Tree sparrow* - 1
*English sparrow* - 30+/-
*Mourning dove* - 2+?
*Goldfinch *- 25+?

*House finch* - 5+?
*Blue jay*- several (probably a family group)




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