Dave, I reported to eBird on Sun 12/31 a Red-Winged Blackbird male at
~10:45 am hanging around our bird feed. I also attached a photo to the
report. I haven't seen him since but he might have come when I wasn't
looking. Now if he had only waited until 1 Jan. We used to see RWB males
coming to our bird feeders about the 3rd week of March, now it seems that
they come back the 1st week of March. Now I wonder when the West Danby
Herrons will show up.

Nigel, we are about 1 mile north of West Danby off NY Rt 34/96. Test Rd off
Rt 13, just south of Ithaca, the landmark is the self storage place, the
pump house with the red light on top, on the West side of Rt 13.

On Thu, Jan 4, 2018 at 10:22 AM, Dave Nutter <nutter.d...@me.com> wrote:

> Yesterday morning (3 Jan) I was driving an empty taxi through the Town of
> Newfield on Elmira Road (NYS-13). South of Test Road is a marsh along the
> headwaters of the West Branch of Cayuga Inlet. The marsh is currently
> frozen, of course. Near there I saw 2 black birds fly east across the road
> toward some tall trees in a yard on the hillside. Their tails were too long
> for Starlings. I pulled over and, scanning with binoculars, found several
> birds in the treetops. With a hand-held scope through my partially open
> window I saw 2 male and 1 female RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS. The temperature was
> 8°F, and I was not expecting my first 2018 sighting of this species to be
> there. I bet the fence at that house hid some popular feeders.
> - - Dave Nutter


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