Today, I drove north to Union Springs to see the reported waterfowl in the two 
ponds there.
Just a moderate amount of ducks and geese were in the Mill Pond and only a few 
ducks in the Factory Pond.
On the way there, from Rt. 90, I had noticed the ice edge was about opposite 
Allens Point, south of Union Springs, so I went there after visiting the ponds.

First I drove down Allens Point Road and luckily there is a good clearing at 
the place it nears the lake due to a house being built there.
The ice edge was curved around sort of between Allens Point and Carrs Cove, 
just south of Allens Pt., out into the deep water area & across the lake.

All along the edge of the ice curve were thousands of ducks, lots of geese and 
a small number of swans.
I also drove into Carrs Cove and down and around what seemed to be a public 
road to what looks like a boat launching area, where I saw a lot of the birds a 
little closer.

Later, on Great Gully Road, going east from Rt. 90 (Historical marker at the 
turnoff says "Cayuga Castle"), south of Union Springs, I got a good look at a 
nice flock (~100 birds) of SNOW BUNTINGS feeding in a hay or grain field. They 
flew up and around and landed a few times,  and then flew all over, not 
landing. They finally disappeared.
During this last flight, I saw first a NORTHERN HARRIER fly by, then a little 
later what I think was a small SHARP SHINNED HAWK, so maybe the hawks scared 
the buntings away from their feeding ground.

Donna Scott

535 Lansing Station Road
Lansing, NY 14882


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