I was just sitting at my kitchen table looking outside at the feeders on my 
deck wishing that I'd get a siskin, too. A bird popped up in the branches just 
of the deck, and it was a male EASTERN TOWHEE. I was shocked (they rarely come 
up to the deck even in the regular time of year).

I fumbled with my camera and eventually got a few recognizable shots. Then I 
realized that there was another bird in the tree, and it was a FEMALE towhee, 
brown where the male was black.

They dropped down out of sight without coming onto the deck where juncos and a 
cardinal were eating seed. They might have found some food that had dropped off 
the deck, but I'm not sure.

In other birding news, it was a crummy day to go birding today. But, I did have 
a small flock of Snow Buntings (20) and Horned Larks (5) feeding on the piles 
at the Cornell compost facility today. 450 American Crows (my objective, of 
course), but fewer than a dozen gulls, only 1 vulture (Turkey), and actually 
not many Red-tailed Hawks.



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