Dear Cayuga Birders,

I love that moment in late January when I notice just a smidge more
daylight remaining at the end of the workday. It sets me to thinking of the
all of the rotations and revolutions that we are a part of on this
fantastic planet. And more importantly, it makes me think about spring

With that, I want to remind everyone of (or in some cases, introduce you
to) the Cornell Lab’s Spring Field Ornithology course (SFO
<>), taking place from March 28th – May

SFO is an Ithaca-area tradition that has helped thousands of people learn
about birds and birding over the past four-plus decades. It is also a great
way to get to know the birding community and the birding hotspots around
the area. Designed for all skill levels, the course has two main sections
plus a pair of overnight trips.

·         *Wednesday night lectures*, including a visit to the bird
collection of the Cornell Museum of Vertebrates and a nighttime 'owl

·         *Saturday or Sunday field trips* to regional birding hotspots
such as Braddock Bay Bird Observatory, Derby Hill Hawk Watch, Montezuma,
Sapsucker Woods and Greensprings Natural Cemetery.

·         *An overnight and a weekend trip* to birding meccas: Montezuma
National Wildlife Refuge and Magee Marsh, Ohio.

*Dr. Steve Kress, *VP for Bird Conservation for National Audubon Society,
returns to teach the course, joined by a host of guest lecturers from
around the Lab. A cadre of local birding experts lead the weekend trips.
Visit  to watch a video about the course,
look at photos, review the course schedule and enroll, and learn about the

*Early bird discounts apply through February 5th! *

Full schedule:
Online portal:

*If you are interested in any of this, or have any questions, please let me
know by email or visit me up in the Adelson Library at the Cornell Lab.*

*And please help spread the word by forwarding this email to anyone you
think might be interested!*

Happy Birding!


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