This morning Jay McGowan found a beautiful breeding plumage male EURASIAN 
WIGEON at Stewart Park, which he reported to the text rare-bird-alert. 

As of 9:30am when I left the park, it was with American Wigeons along the 
border between the lake water and the broad mud flat (previously under the ice 
shelf) which parallels the shore, near the east end of the park where we meet 
for field trips. When I arrived at the park an hour earlier it had been in 
shallow lake water but farther west, opposite the area midway between the 
tennis courts and the swan pond. 

I recommend a scope and means to keep all your optics dry. This includes 
sheltering lenses, drying them periodically, directly your breath firmly away 
from them rather than slowly exhaling so warm moist air drifts onto them, and 
not biking there so hurriedly that you become enveloped in your own personal 
cloud rising from your clothes when you arrive. 

It has just been reported again on the text RBA but without details of 

- - Dave Nutter

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