Correction/update: Jeremy Collison texted “west end” at about 10:50am.

- - Dave Nutter

> On Feb 22, 2018, at 10:53 AM, Dave Nutter <> wrote:
> This morning Jay McGowan found a beautiful breeding plumage male EURASIAN 
> WIGEON at Stewart Park, which he reported to the text rare-bird-alert. 
> As of 9:30am when I left the park, it was with American Wigeons along the 
> border between the lake water and the broad mud flat (previously under the 
> ice shelf) which parallels the shore, near the east end of the park where we 
> meet for field trips. When I arrived at the park an hour earlier it had been 
> in shallow lake water but farther west, opposite the area midway between the 
> tennis courts and the swan pond. 
> I recommend a scope and means to keep all your optics dry. This includes 
> sheltering lenses, drying them periodically, directly your breath firmly away 
> from them rather than slowly exhaling so warm moist air drifts onto them, and 
> not biking there so hurriedly that you become enveloped in your own personal 
> cloud rising from your clothes when you arrive. 
> It has just been reported again on the text RBA but without details of 
> location. 
> - - Dave Nutter


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