> Update ’18 Tompkins County EMC: Preserving Our Unique Natural Areas in a 
> Changing Climate
> When:                 Thursday, March 15, 5:00-7:00pm
> Where:              Borg Warner Room, Tompkins County Public Library
>                                101 E. Green Street, Ithaca, NY 14850
> Join the Environmental Management Council and friends for an evening 
> discussion on preserving our community’s Unique Natural Areas in a time of 
> climate change. EMC members will also give annual update on the group’s 
> activities; light refreshments to follow. This event is free and open to the 
> public.
> Scheduled Guest Speakers:  
> A UNA Journey at Malloryville Bog – Bob Beck
> Bob Beck was raised on a dairy farm in Dryden and studied at Cornell with a 
> focus on evolutionary and field biology. Bob was a curator at the Cornell Lab 
> of Ornithology’s Library of Natural Sounds and served as a founding board 
> member and the first executive director of the Finger Lakes Land Trust. Bob 
> has served for many years on local environmental advisory boards, including 
> the Town of Dryden's Conservation Board and the Tompkins County Environmental 
> Management Council, where he helped develop the County’s Inventory of Unique 
> Natural Areas (UNAs). Currently, he is chair of the Town of Dryden’s Rail 
> Trail Task Force. After a short talk on his UNA journey as a conservationist, 
> homeowner, and land steward at the O.D. von Engeln Preserve at Malloryville, 
> Bob will delve further into his experiences in helping produce the UNA 
> inventory.
> Wetlands Mapping in Tompkins County – Nick Hollingshead
> Nick Hollingshead specializes in geospatial applications for environmental 
> research, conservation planning, and natural resources monitoring. In 2013, 
> Nick began working with the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network to create a new 
> wetland map for Tompkins County using the latest remote sensing data and 
> geospatial technologies. The goal was to develop a more accurate and complete 
> wetland map to support local municipalities in their efforts to improve 
> wetland protections. The map, completed in 2015, can also serve as a baseline 
> for understanding how Tompkins County’s wetlands, and the ecological services 
> they provide in terms of water quality protection and ecological values, may 
> change in response to climate change and other factors in the coming years.
> Invasive species, why are we concerned? – Robert Wesley
> Robert Wesley is an enthusiastic naturalist, conservationist, and educator. 
> Staff Botanist at the Cornell Botanic Gardens, he was for many years a 
> lecturer in the Department of Natural Resources, where he co-taught wetland 
> ecology and management. In addition, Robert has consulted on biological 
> conservation, vegetation management, and invasive species management for many 
> local, regional, and national groups, including the Tompkins County Planning 
> and Sustainability Department, the City and Town of Ithaca, Finger Lakes Land 
> Trust, and the U.S. Forest Service. He also enjoys environmental photography. 
> Robert will outline how invasive species affect our important natural areas, 
> including the Tompkins County UNAs, particularly as our climate changes.


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