This morning during a home school student migration tour, we spotted a FOY (for 
me!) pied-billed grebe actively feeding in the Crane Unit, off of VanDyne Spoor 
Rd, Savannah, Wayne County. The side of the road that the grebe was on is 
considered Refuge lands, and the other side is state land. Great habitat!

Lot's of other ducks present (mainly N. Pintail), red-winged blackbirds, gulls 
(Larus sp.), eagles soaring around.

AND a lot of muskrat activity. Frank with the DEC told me that if I'm seeing 
them on land and active like that, their like "runners", or the individuals who 
have been run off by their family unit. Young from last year, likely. It's 
really evident pre-growing season how many muskrat huts are actually out in any 
given marsh.

Great sightings for the kids and myself!

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