This afternoon I birded up the east side of Cayuga Lake to Montezuma NWR 
visitor center.
At Union Springs north of Village Hall I found the Eurasian Widgeon at lake 
edge (thank you Diane Morton!) along with lots of other elegant ducks, 
including American Widgeon Northern Pintail, Goldeneye, Bufflehead, Common 
merganser, Scaup sp. and others.
Eur. Widgeon = life bird!

At MNWR visitors center, I found the Eurasian Teal (lifer #2) feeding with N 
Pintail & Green Wing Teals. It was neat to have the 2 different teals near each 
other for comparison. Enjoyed the Northern Shovelers & saw a mature Bald Eagle 
fly over.

On way home saw 2 Amer. Kestrels on wires a few telephone poles apart, as well 
as an expected big flock of Snow Geese in a corn field.
Also saw a lone Snow Goose, a lone Canada Goose & a lone Amer. Crow all 
together by Mill Pond in U. Springs - an odd trio.

I saw lots of others; Lovely day for birding!

Donna Scott
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