On three visits since Sunday, I’ve come various interesting birds at the
Newman Municipal Golf Course and Jetty Woods in Ithaca.  Here are some

* GREAT HORNED OWL on an open nest atop a tree in the middle of the golf
course.  This is the very same location where two Great Horned Owls fledged
in 2015.  Twice, most recently on Sunday evening, I’ve seen a second adult
Great Horned Owl for a long time out in the open in a nearby tree, but on
Monday and Tuesday mornings, I couldn’t refind him.  The mother seems to be
sitting higher on the nest this week than last.  I conjecture hopefully
that this means the eggs have hatched and the chicks are growing.  (Many
birders have reported this owl nest on eBird since the beginning of March
or earlier.)

* Second-year BALD EAGLE flying from Fall Creek past the white lighthouse
and alighting in a tree on the Cass Park side (Tuesday).

* Female YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER along the dirty-looking drainage pool along
Pier Road near the fire training buildings (Monday and Tuesday).

* WINTER WREN seen singing a partial song in this same area (Monday).

* Multiple male PURPLE FINCHES, including one singing a distinctive,
vaguely vireo-like song with short phrases and pauses (Monday and Tuesday).

* At least three pairs of EASTERN BLUEBIRDS (Monday and Tuesday)

* Four GREAT BLUE HERONS perched about at least 50-60 feet up in
neighboring trees in the Jetty Woods, with bills tucked for heat retention,
plus one standing in Fall Creek (Tuesday).

* At least ten WOOD DUCKS, including a flock of 8 males that wheeled above
Pier Road and descended somewhere upstream on the creek (Tuesday).

Full eBird checklists are here:

https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S43775545 (Monday)

https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S43803161 (Tuesday)

Mark Chao


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