I got a notice that this previously failed the fraud test. I'm not sure it went 
out. Sorry if this is a duplicate.

Hi Laura,

   I'm so glad you had a good finch morning. About 5 miles to the southeast, 
we, too, had an abundance of finches. I tried to count the goldfinch by fives 
and got to ~135. We had 2 Pine Siskin that I noted. One and probably two Fox 
Sparrow sang as I fed the birds. Plus, one Purple Finch and two Song Sparrow 
and about a dozen juncos and 4-5 Tree Sparrow at the feeders.

   We have a pair of Red-bellied W. coming in to our suet and recently a 
Pileated has been drummiong and coming to the suet. We hope he succeeds in 
attracting a mate.

   It doesn't feel like spring, bu it sounds like spring.

John and Karen Confer


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