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Plastic saucers called nesting dishes are used extensively by utility companies 
throughout Florida to attract ospreys and eagles. Now, the National Grid is 
using them in Central NY. Unfortunately, the installers of the new nest dish 
off Rt. 89 at the Oak Orchard Campground does not appear to be seeded. It will 
be a hard beginning to the mating season to have to rebuild your nest from 
scratch without the stimuli of the seeded twigs. 

I don't care for these nesting dishes for several reasons. I don't think the 
dishes have enough drainage holes for severe rains storms. They also do not 
provide a perch from which the adults keep guard of the nest. With no real 
sides, these dishes do not prevent nest from blowing off the platform.​​​Eyes 
to the Sky,Canace​
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Hi Carol,

I'm told this is a National Grid "nest", not NYSEG, and that the disk is 
specifically made for eagles/ospreys. It might even be made out of fiberglass 
(rather than metal), as it is a commercial product popular with the southern 
utility companies who have LOTS of Ospreys.

That's all I know about it right now. But, I would be interested in any reports 
on whether or not it is accepted and successful.


Robyn Bailey

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Subject: [cayugabirds-l] Ospreys

Two ospreys on the beams on route 89 over the Clyde river and locks. Old nest 
was removed and replaced with a metal disk.

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