Our beloved *Larue St. Clair*, 92, has been in & out of the Auburn 
hospital the last three months.

He is now at this health care center: *North Brook Heights    170 Murray 
St.     Auburn, NY 13021*

He is filled with memories of visitors, friends _/& feathers/_ at 
MNWR.   What a life saver learning about birds was to him after (& 
since) his wife died about 25 yrs. ago. John & I met him shortly after 
her death when he showed us our first Tundra swan at Long Point. He was 
just out riding around to ease his grief & loneliness.

Larue & cheery volunteer, Jackie Bakker, worked well together tallying 
their findings. He knows those days are over for him but he has a keen 
appreciation of/for the interaction over the years between himself, 
visitors at the refuge & other birders, young & old.

I, personally, am extremely pleased that he lived to see the Lagoon 
named for him. How much better to let someone know while they're alive 
that they are loved & appreciated. For sure they won't know when they're 
gone. Many people saw birds, even life birds, they wouldn't have if he 
hadn't made the lists & posted them for visitors to see.

His sightings & permanent record keeping, aided in the past (??) yrs. by 
having Jackie to do the driving (& safekeeping) are invaluable 
contributions to the Refuge. We birders all owe both of them a lot, but 
especially do we need to give much credit & thanks to Larue.

Even if you didn't know him personally, I'm sure he would appreciate 
getting not get well cards but note cards of cheer, love & appreciation 
from birders.

For those who do know him, he probably would be cheered if you went a 
few miles out of your way & visited with him a few minutes. "Homes" are 
lonely places.

Thank you for loving him as we do.  Fritzie (in Union Springs)


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