It's probable that the Treman State Marine Park nest does have eggs.

The evidence Is that there will be an adult incubating at all times. The
female will do most of the incubating, but the male should give her breaks
a few times a day.

The ospreys at Treman (nicknamed Treman & Marina) are probably about 10
years old now. Older (>10 yrs.), highly experienced pairs can lay their
eggs earlier than younger ones, and now that they are almost 10yrs old,
it's possible that Marina laid as early as 7-10 days after her arrival. It
all depends on how rapidly her ovaries matured. Two weeks is the norm for
most established nests. Younger pairs with little or no nest usually take
longer to court and build, and may wait 10–20+ days before laying.

Ophelia at Salt Point is not on eggs yet and Orpheus was still sky dancing
for her today. It should be any day.

Eyes to the sky!


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