This morning as I casually looked out our bay window to see how the birds were doing, a bird landed on our clothesline pole. I could tell it was different from the others, so when I looked through binocs, it turned out to be a HERMIT THRUSH. This is an unusual bird for our residential location. Anthropomorphizing this bird, it had a surprised look on its face as though saying, "Where the heck am I?!? I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere?" It only stayed momentarily.

Today we still have a FOX SPARROW (visual and singing), and yesterday we had 3 show up! That makes 6 days they've been here --- in the past they have normally only stayed for a couple days. I'm assuming the weather patterns have a big part to do with this --- stalled fronts to our north and no big push from the south to help/encourage them to move on? Any thoughts about this from you professional or amateur meteorologists?



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