I’ve still got numerous Fox Sparrows. Between my yard, the old orchard, and the 
five minute walk down to the edge of the L-P Preserve there seem to be about a 
dozen, and I know that means there are more nearby in other directions. I’m 
watching some foraging under a band of spruces at this moment. In a normal 
spring I expect to have them around my place for 3 weeks or more. 

A couple of Hermit Thrushes ate calling behind me. Here’s a Ruby-crowned 
Kinglet, over there is a Towhee. Now some Golden-crowned Kinglets. Oh, here 
come the Wood Ducks, skimming the tops of the spruces. Distant Field Sparrow 
song. A drumming Grouse!

Hey, here’s my local Broad-winged Hawk, back on territory!




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