What a morning! 

I went out first thing every morning last week to my favorite Louisiana 
Waterthrush spot on Leonard Road (Caroline), watching for the bird’s first 
arrival. For the past two years I have recorded one, sometimes two, LOWA 
singing an aberrant (and unique) song, and I was interested to see if the same 
bird would return this year. I went out again this morning and - bingo - the 
bird was singing as I drove up the road. I really don’t know if it IS the same 
bird as in the past two years, but it was singing the same (or similar) song. I 
will have to download my recordings and look at it more closely.

While there I was hit by number of newly-arrived (and singing) birds. A HERMIT 
THRUSH called softly (not yet singing). A PILEATED WOODPECKER called maniacally 
in the distance (thanks Dave Nutter for that description - I think it fits 
beautifully), A COOPER’S HAWK flew in, perched for a bit, then flew off. And, 
finally, my first-of-year BLUE HEADED VIREO was singing as I drove back down 
the road.

After all that, it seemed like everyone I ran into downtown was smiling! It 
must be the change in weather. For me, it’s the birds.

Bob McGuire


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