I am going out on a limb here, but as a professional weather forecaster we
do this at times!! Our three main medium range models, the GFS, European
and Canadian Models, all are indicating a Bermuda high set up for the May
1-2 time period. There could be a straight shot of strong low-level winds
from central America to the northeast U.S for a 24 to 36 hour window. I
assume there will  be continued arrivals this week into the weekend but it
will be delayed some as we will see more stormy weather. Wednesday and
Thursday we will see rainy conditions and potentially good migratory days
for NY state. The weekend will be chilly before a potentially large high
pressure system stalls off the southeast coast and leads to this strong
southerly flow and hence potential influx of our favorite neotropical
migrants, like warblers, orioles, RB grosbeaks etc. This is something to
plan for but could change since we are 7 to 8 day out. I will continue to
monitor and let you know.

Also, please check out the Cornell Lab of O's Birdcast as these guys
continue to improve and enhance this site!  This site gives you  amazing
resources to help plan your birding during migration season including
expected  fallouts, expected species. Great stuff!!!  http://birdcast.info/

Dave Nicosia


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