On Sunday morning, April 22ed 13 people joined me for a walk in the 
park.  The sunshine was awesome, but there was a light breeze at the 
start making it quite chilly.   There was a nice group of male and 
female Ruddy Ducks right offshore for great viewing.  Such beautiful 
ducks.  The majority of waterfowl out on the water were Scaup and 
Bufflehead.  The Bufflehead were scattered all over, many of the males 
doing their courtship dances.  From here we also observed Common 
Mergansers, a Kingfisher flyby, and a Fish Crow sounding  its nasal 
call, flying up into a nearby tree.  There was a Mallard pair along the 
shore and a Killdeer called and walked along the shoreline.  We observed 
a couple Caspian Terns flying around and going back towards the 
lighthouse.   A Phoebe made an appearance, and a couple Song Sparrows 
also walked along the shore at one point.  Out towards the end of the 
light house jetty were Double-creasted Cormorants and a Great 
Black-backed Gull.   A single Eastern Bluebird flew up onto the top of 
one of the swings nearby. From the walk around the Swan Pen, we saw 
Hooded Merganser females out on the inlet.  Suan Yong was leading an SFO 
group and had found a Red-throated Loon out on the lake and he helped us 
locate it. This bird showed a lot of white, so did not appear to be in 
breeding plumage yet.
      As we walked along the inlet a Sandpiper was spotted.  Sure enough 
the bobbing bird was a Spotted Sandpiper.   A pair of Wood Ducks flew in 
and across the water from us but landed behind grasses, and we could not 
find them again.   We spotted both Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned 
Kinglets.   As we walked along the western most trail in Renwick, along 
the water,  a beautiful pair of Hooded Mergansers flew out towards the 
lake.  There was a male and two female Hooded Mergansers out on the 
water.  Someone spotted a Green Heron on a fallen log at the waters 
edge, quite close to us. It tolerated us for awhile, so everyone could 
see it and then flew off.  We heard and saw a Tufted Titmouse.  We heard 
Northern Cardinal and Northern Flicker, but otherwise it was quite quiet.
      We decided to drive over to the golf course to check on the 
nesting Great-horned Owl.  About six of us drove over and were surprised 
to see a large chick sitting right up in the nest.  At first we did not 
see the female, until she moved her head and we saw the ear tufts.  She 
blended right in with the tree trunk.  As we watched, we spotted another 
chick.   The chicks were moving around a lot and looking this way and 
that, a lot of fun to see.  We also had two Mockingbirds flying around 
some bushes out on the golf course.
     Four of us walked the road around towards Jetty Woods to see if we 
could get another angle on the Owl nest.  Indeed we did find a good spot 
to observe the owl nest from.   Three Tree Swallows flying around, 
vocalizing and chasing each other.   Susan Soboroff and I continued out 
to the end of the Jetty Wood path in hopes of seeing some early 
warblers.  We did not find warblers but saw a couple Ruby-crowned 
Kinglets, and a Cormorant flew over carrying nesting material.  We found 
a Horned Grebe out on the lake, the feathered yellow horns were 
beautiful in the sunshine.
Thanks to all who joined me for the morning.

Good birding,


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