Looks like best days will now be May 2 and 3 with prolonged southwest winds
and plenty of migrants arriving. Since there will be westerly component to
the winds, the arrivals will continue downstate. The downstate area may
squeeze out the 4th as well. A front will cross much of upstate NY in the
afternoon of the 4th reaching downstate the evening of the 4th to early
morning of the 5th.  Lots of arrivals downstate already yesterday and I
imagine quite a few today both upstate and downstate. There is a
ridiculously strong cold front that blasts through the state by tonight
with cold and windy conditions for Sunday and even part of Monday. This
likely will ground a lot of migrating gulls, terns, early shorebirds etc
and bring all the migrating swallows down low on area lakes and ponds
Sunday to Monday. Places upstate could even see some snow showers Sunday!!
Then by Tuesday we recover some and then the warmth is on for at least a
couple days, May 2 and 3(4th downstate).

Good luck to all!

Dave Nicosia


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