This morning 8:30-10am I saw so many birds in my loop through Renwick Woods
to the Swan Pond and then through the Golf Course.

Here are the highlights and many FOYs for me:
--flicker kek-kek-keking incessantly near the top of a tree near a snag.  I
think it was a she (no mustache)
--I estimate that there were at least 12 Golden-rumped Warblers.  They were
all sitting around the main pond on shrubs or up in trees darting out to
snag a bug over the water and back.  This was happening so fast, I could
not accurately count them.  The loud music and yelling over with the crew
team did not seem to affect them or their calling.
--By 9:30am, I noticed a second warbler, the Yellow Warbler!  They had more
of a swallow-like insect hunting behavior.  At times I thought I saw a
third species of warbler and other species of swallow, and then they
disappeared.  I thought I heard a flycatcher a few times, but never saw
it.  The swallows showed up soon thereafter, and I think they sound
slightly different.
--Then by 10am, a huge swarm of swallows arrived, about 30!  They were all
over the pond zipping back and forth.  I watched to see if the GRWs
stopped.  They seemed to break for a minute or two, but then they went back
at it.  It was quite the choreography, and they seemed to operate at
different heights above the pond. I definitely saw Barn Swallows and think
I may have seen one of the other kinds.
*---As all of this was going on, the bull frogs started up.*
*--As I walked across the golf course, the tree frog went at it.*
*--Heard but not seen: Kingfisher, Song Sparrow, American Redstart*

*Welcome back friends!!!*

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