This morning, a lovely pair of Purple Finches and a pair of Red Bellied 
Woodpeckers were using our feeders  along with Chipping Sparrows (and red 
squirrels), when  suddenly a White-crowned Sparrow appeared on the ground below.

No Tree Sparrows today.  One at least was still here on Sunday.  

Have been meaning to mention:  in the Fall Creek watershed, visible off Red 
Mill Rd, looking East, the Great Blue Heron rookery is active with probably a 
dozen nests active and occupied by herons—for at least 2 weeks now.  
Apparently, as reported by residents next to swamp, there was a Bald Eagle 
regularly sitting on a high nest structure, but it left  when the herons took 
up residence. 


Anne B Clark
147 Hile School Rd
Freeville, NY 13068


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