Hi everyone – here is the report for the CBC birding trip to South Monkey Run 
this past weekend.

Seven birders joined me for a snowy morning walk, the last Sunday in April - 
now a distant memory after the last few very warm days.

Despite the wet snow, which pelted our eyes and fogged up our binoculars, we 
managed to find 25 species of birds, and, I think, we had fun.  I won't go into 
all the details, especially as I seem to have forgotten some of them already; 
fortunately, Wes was keeping the eBird list!  We started out from the Monkey 
Run parking lot, first heading towards Fall Creek, and veering left, going 
downstream a short way; we then backtracked, and made our way upstream, 
eventually following the trail uphill to a forest of red pines and white pines, 
and then over to the railroad right of way, and back to the parking lot.  Oh, 
and mud, yes, mud.

We heard a grouse drumming (near the parking lot), and saw cedar waxwings and 
ruby-crowned kinglets along the way. All of us heard a towhee in a large brushy 
area; some of the group stayed long enough to get good looks. Closer to Fall 
Creek, we saw common mergansers and wood ducks - we thought that perhaps some 
of the ducks were nesting in the sycamores on the other side of the river, but 
we couldn't quite confirm that they were entering a nest cavity.  In the pine 
woods, overlooking the creek from a bit of a height, there was one popular pine 
which seemed to attract several birds, including a palm warbler and two brown 
creepers.  On the way back along the old railroad right of way, we had very 
close looks at a white-throated sparrow sitting in a bush close to the path; it 
was joined by another white-throated sparrow which preferred to remain less 

We saw 25 species, in 2.5 hours, on a 2.5 mile walk.

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Liisa Mobley


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