Hi all,
Tomorrow, Sunday, May 6th, I will lead an all day field trip to the Finger
Lakes National Forest. We will meet at the parking lot at Teeter Pond on
Seneca Rd at 7:30am.
The Finger Lakes National Forest has a great variety of habitats, from
grasslands and grazing areas, to scrubland, wildlife ponds, mature
deciduous forests, transitional habitat, and hemlock filled ravines. Great
opportunity to see neotropical migrants, warblers, thrushes, vireos, as
well as breeding grassland birds. We will visit a selection of these
habitats, including several eBird hotspots.
This will be an all day trip in rustic habitat, with plans for a lunch
break. Some of the trails may be muddy, depending on weather, so dress
accordingly, and bring insect repellent. All are welcome, regardless of
experience. Come explore New York's only National Forest, and some great
habitat between Cayuga and Seneca Lakes!

Directions from Ithaca: Take Rt 96 north to Trumansburg, turn left on rte
227 after the post office, then turn right on Searsburg Rd. (county rt 1).
Follow Searsburg Rd. for 4-5 miles to Potomac Rd. and turn right. Head
north until you hit a T intersection with Seneca Rd. Turn left at the T and
Teeter Pond will be on the left after a 1/2 mile or so.
If coming from the north or west, I recommend traveling from 414 to
Searsburg Rd to Potomac Rd. to Seneca Rd. as some of the more direct roads
are pretty bad seasonally. There is an eBird hotspot for this location. For
easy access to map/directions visit https://ebird.org/hotspot/L940987
Please reach out to me with any questions. 570-362-2548 or respond to this
email off list.

Hope to see you there!


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