At the end of my morning walk, I was happy to hear, and eventually, see a 
Horned Lark performing its flight display high in the sky. Usually I have seen 
them doing this much earlier in the year, even in early March if it's mild. 
They are known to start nesting very early, so maybe this year I have missed 
the displays. But my inner pessimist wonders whether the display is happening 
now because last year's corn field at the crest of the hill was just plowed. 
This would have destroyed an early nest and stimulated the male to get 
territorial again. He DID land in the plowed field at the end of the flight 
Did the group up there yesterday see/hear any Horned Larks singing?

A number of Bobolink males are also putting on a show in several of the fields, 
but no females yet.

Enjoy the spring!


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