I am sharing my thoughts in communities I am a part of because
​1.  Our planet is in crisis and quickly approaching 2020; and we are at
1.5 degrees Celsius.  We can't go to 2.0 Celsius, or the planet will be
unlivable by 2050.  We need to mitigate both CO2 and CH4!  Eating less meat
and more veggies = cooler planet. Divest from natural gas.  Eat less rice.
...go solar!
2. ​

​Greenhouse gas mitigation
 has everything to do with bird
​ conservation​

​3.  ​M
any of the birders are
​ tax paying​
parents who want their children to enjoy the birds we all love!
​4.  ​M
arshland birds are threatened because of rising tides.  Seabirds are
further threatened because fish they need to feed their young are going
deeper or farther north to seek cooler waters.
5.  Endemic birds in the Caribbean are threatened by decreasing habitat due
to people, and bigger hurricanes make this problem worse than it already
​Please, everyone who cares about the planet, don't get annoyed that I am
"off topic."  Instead, step into your power and write a letter to the
school board to support my letter and to city council to not sell off the
Green Street parking garage to another luxury apartment developer
ASAP....these issues are all connected!!!  We need green affordable housing
to address the poverty and reduce Carbon emissions.

*---**CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION YOU CAN TAKE: Divesting from animal agriculture
by switching to a plant-based diet can help our planet transform.  A vegan
diet is heart-healthy, non-violent, anti-colonial, and sustainable! **Pledge
the **Ithaca *
*10 or 30-day (Plant-based) Vegan
Instagram* #VeganPlanet2020*

*---**Sandy Wold, **sustainability educator/artist*
B.S. Chemistry/Biochemistry, University of Florida
M.S. Science Education​, UC Santa Cruz/SUNY Cortland

On Sun, May 6, 2018 at 7:31 PM, Alyce Anderson <aa-lap...@twcny.rr.com>

> Why is this on the ebird list? It has nothing to do with birds. This is
> the most inappropriate item to appear on our list in all of my years of
> being on the list. Shame on you for using it.
> Alyce Anderson


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