A Ruby-throated Hummingbird inspected our hummingbird feeder this
afternoon! Thanks to the folks on this list who mentioned it & got the ball
rolling to set up ours.

Also our first yard-sightings of Common Yellowthroat and House Wren.

The Baltimore Orioles have been singing and chasing each other all around
the yard today. This evening I heard loud screeching, and commotion in the
underbrush. I ran over and saw two Orioles tumbling around. They were each
locked onto the others' leg. I carefully picked them up (and received
numerous pecks), and with my husband's help, we disengaged their claws,
which were tangled in wet feathers.
Both flew away, and we were left to hope we'd done the right thing.

Heidi King,
Goodrich Hill Rd in Caroline


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