Last night (5/10/18) I led a bird-watching tour through the refuge wildlife 
drive. Birds of interest, in order of sighting:

-Common gallinule along the beginning of the drive, in the narrow channel to 
the left of the drive
-American white pelican (sleeping with head tucked most of the viewing time) 
way out in the Main Pool
-Many barn and tree swallows on the ground- I assume picking mud for nests?
-Least sandpipers along the drive on the right side of the drive between the 
Seneca River and the Wildlife Drive
-Adult bald eagle in a tree across the Seneca River
-2 pairs of Redhead, several pairs of gadwall, blue-winged teal, mallards, 1 
male Northern shovelor in the main pool
-American bittern seen foraging and then in flight after the left hand turn 
that brings the drive parallel to I90. The bird was on the left amongst the 
cattails. Lifer bird for me! And all of my guests, too. I got a few pictures. 
Nothing fantastic, but enough to preserve the memory :) and to make a solid ID.
-Many great blue herons fishing throughout
-Several osprey hovering but never committing to a dive while we were watching
-Least sandpipers, 1 Wilson's snipe, and yellowlegs galore in the mud flat 
between the drive and I90

It was overcast and the light was low, but still had a very pleasant evening 
out birding!

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