While working in the garden, I identify many different common birds by song, 
without looking up.  We have bluebirds, tree swallows, barn swallows, mourning 
doves, red wing blackbirds, house wrens, mockingbirds, robins and many others.  
Today I heard a song I didn't quite recognize at first, and then suddenly 
thought, 'that sounds like a bobolink'.  The next thought was that it is 
probably the mockingbird.  Then I mentioned it to Mary Jean and she said, 'well 
there is a dark bird on the pasture fence what has some white patches on it'. 
We have about 2 acres fenced for pasture and sure enough, there were two 
bobolinks on the fence.  They flew down into the grass and back up to the fence 
several times and then headed off.  Not sure if they'll be staying around, but 
it was great to have seen them during their visit, if they were just passing 
through.  The nearest field with breeding bobolinks that I'm aware of is about 
2 miles away.

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