I just had a gorgeous female RED-NECKED PHALAROPE in the mudflat area
across the Susquehanna River from the guard rail on River Rd Endwell. The
bird was on the edge of the mudflat at the river's edge with spotted
sandpipers and least sandpipers. The bird unfortunately flushed with the
other shorebirds and flew behind some trees and out of sight. The bird
either dropped into the mudflats behind these trees which are hard to see
from the River Rd Endwell side or flew a short way to another mudflat area
by a small pond on the Murphy's Pits side which has restricted access.
Hopefully this bird will come back into view today. I will be checking
again. Murphy's Pits are closed today so hopefully it will still be around

I believe this is a first county record for Broome of this species.

Dave Nicosia


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