I hope my Ithaca-area friends will join me this Thursday night from 5:30 to 
7:00 at Buffalo Street Books (Dewitt Mall, 215 N. Cayuga Street, Ithaca, NY). 
I’ll be reading from my latest book, Born to Fish (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 
2018). I’ll admit it’s not a bird book, but it does have a strong conservation 
element, covering the efforts of my good friend Greg Myerson to help save the 
Atlantic Coast population of striped bass, which are now in serious decline 
from overfishing and pollution.

The book has been praised by Helen Macdonald (author of H is for Hawk), who 
writes, “This is an extraordinary story of one man’s obsession, a tale of 
passion, brutality, tragedy, and redemption. It’s a book about a love of 
fishing that tackles the deepest themes of life and family, of history, 
education, masculinity, and America, and shows us not only how the natural 
world can be a place of grace, but a soul's complicated and beautiful savior;” 
Bobby Kennedy, Jr.; and Audubon Magazine’s Ted Williams.

In addition to reading from my new book, I’ll be glad to answer questions about 
raptors, Ivory-billed Woodpeckers, and other birds.


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