As a reminder, *this Saturday May 26th 7 am-noon,* we are going to do
another guided shorebird walk around a part of Tschache Pool Montezuma NWR
that has extensive mudflats. This trail is normally restricted so this is
an excellent opportunity to see this part of the refuge. Last Saturday,
there were a lot of shorebirds here with rough estimates up to 2000 birds,
and 14 species at least.  The snowy egret also has been frequenting
Tschache recently as well as a red-necked phalarope.  I know that many
Whimbrels have been on the move along with other shorebirds. The weather is
expected to be warm and humid with a chance for showers and thunderstorms
in the afternoon. We should be done by noon the latest, so the weather is
looking good.

Meet at the *Montezuma Visitor's Center at 7 am* and we may quickly do
wildlife drive first before walking the trail at Tschache Pool like we did
last week.

I would like to extend much thanks to Andrea Van Beusichem and all the
staff at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge for allowing this excellent
opportunity to see our migrating spring shorebirds!

Dave Nicosia


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