I was at Allan H Treman State Marine Park this morning. The field north of the 
marina had a male BOBOLINK singing over it, sometimes close to the ground, but 
at least once in flight higher than the Osprey platform. Over the lake far to 
the north I saw at least 1 female & 3 male PURPLE MARTINS. Somewhere along the 
western grassy path almost to the north corner I heard three “bzzzzz bzzzz” 
songs of a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW when I was on the northern grassy path, but I 
did not hear it when I was closer, nor did I see it. There are also ORCHARD 
ORIOLES in that area, a male singing and a female with nesting material, but I 
did not see where she took it. 

- - Dave Nutter

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