Thanks to YOU Dave for taking the time and energy and talent to set this up. 
Great experience with lots of good, knowledgeable people. I've definitely grown 
in my confidence with  shorebird identification.See you again in late 
summer!Pete Sar

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Spring Shorebird Walk May 26th, 2018 
We had an awesome turnout for the second spring shorebird walk along part of 
the restricted area of Tschache Pool.  I estimated at least 45 people as some 
came later and others left  earlier. There were 27 cars parked at the parking 
area by the tower at Tschache at one point! This was the second walk for the 
spring shorebird season at Tschache allowed by the Montezuma Refuge staff. Much 
thanks to 

Andrea VanBeusichem for organizing these walks.  
The weather was very warm and humid and after a string of warm days and south 
winds we did't have the numbers of shorebirds as last week as many have moved 
on. However, we still had 9 species of shorebirds which offered excellent looks 
including close views of BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER, DUNLIN (breeding plumage), 
There was also a nice adult breeding EURASIAN WIGEON. We had many top-notch 
birders along which made a big difference in finding birds and teaching people 
about shorebirds for such a large group. I couldn't have done this alone.  A 
BIG thanks to these folks.  I would also like to thank Mike DeWispelaere who 
came up with me all the way from Norwich and took some nice photos and kept the 
checklist. We totaled 72 species many of which we heard in the woods adjacent 
to Tschache. 
Our ebird list can be found here with 

Best,Dave Nicosia 


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