Tom Gavin, biologist and author, will be giving a talk titled “Ecology, 
Behavior, and Conservation of Bobolinks in Upstate New York” at Danby Town Hall 
tonight (1830 Danby Rd./Rte. 96B – about five miles south of Ithaca College). A 
Professor Emeritus from Cornell’s Department of Natural Resources, Dr. Gavin 
studied Bobolinks in New York over several decades and is one of the world’s 
experts on the species. 

The ecology & behavior of the Bobolink is astonishing. Folks with hayfields can 
make a difference in protecting this species if they are able to delay their 
mowing until after nestling Bobolinks have fledged. Come learn more tonight.

Sponsored by the Danby Community Council. Refreshments will be served. Free and 
open to the public; seating limited.

Bill Evans


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