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Next week's Monday Night Seminar (June, 4th) features postdocs Cecilia
Nilsson, Kyle Horton, and Adriaan Docktor.

Join us in person in the auditorium or watch online at:

Doors open at 7:00pm. Free, no registration required.

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*Dark Ecology: Studying Night-time Bird Migration with Radar*

*Speakers: Cecilia Nilsson, Kyle Horton, Adriaan Dokter *

Join us for an evening exploring what normally goes unseen during migration
season, featuring Cecilia Nilsson, Kyle Horton, and Adriaan Dokter, all
Edward W. Rose Postdoctoral Fellows at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
Cecilia will talk about why we use radar to study migration, and how she
uses it to learn about how birds migrate and how their migration is shaped
by winds. Kyle will discuss his use of radar to quantify and forecast
migratory flights, from small to large-scales, highlighting the impact of
anthropogenic light at night on nocturnally migrating birds. Finally,
Adriaan will discuss how he uses the radar network to count the number of
migratory birds leaving and entering the US. In this talk we will explore
not only where birds migrate, but also when and where they die, how
successful they reproduce, and how North America’s avifauna has changed
over the last two decades.

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Sarah K Wagner, PhD
Cornell Lab Of Ornithology


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