There is a bluebird box right in the middle of the small dog park that is often 
occupied, so I suspect they'll get used to you. I have wondered at what an 
ideal location that box might have.  The canine presence likely keeps other 
predators at bay.


Subject: Bluebirds in Garden
From: Poppy Singer <>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2018 07:11:54 -0400
X-Message-Number: 1

I put up a bluebird box on my garden fence early this spring. A pair of
bluebirds moved in right away, which was wonderful! I believe they are
currently raising/feeding their second clutch of babies. During the raising
of the first clutch, I was rarely in the garden and there were no problems.

However, I am finding it rather stressful for the both of us now that it is
summer and I want to garden and they want to feed their young. Last night
was such a pleasant time to be gardening, which is what I did, since it was
cool. The problem is that the parents are fearful of being in their box
when I am around. The second I walk toward the garden, they fly out.

As the evening progressed last night, the parents and babies were crying so
pitifully to be with one another, my heart almost couldn't take it! I
provide them with a basket of mealworms beside their nest box. I was hoping
they would get accustomed to my presence.

Do bluebirds eventually relax around humans? Is there a maximum length of
time that the babies can be without their young without dying from hunger
or stress, while I garden? Does anyone know? I don't want them to move out!

Thanks for any knowledge anyone can share my way!



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