Hi All,

During my beginner bird walk at Sapsucker Woods yesterday morning, I met a 
woman on the trail who showed me her point and shoot camera and asked me what 
bird she took a photo of just minutes earlier. It looked to me like a Least 
Bittern and asked her where she saw it. My group agreed to look for this 
unusual bird. She took us back to the first pond after coming over the 
boardwalk from the parking lot, just before one reaches the Owens Platform. She 
said it was in the reeds and cattails to the right side of the pond. All of us 
looked for several minutes but didn’t see anything. I decided to slowly sneak 
up the grassy path to the right of the pond hoping to find it. It flew out of 
the cattails and deeper into the back of the pond and out of sight. But we all 
got a look at it. After comparing it to everything else I thought it could be 
(imm. Green Heron, for example) and looking again at her picture, I can only 
come to the conclusion of a Least Bittern. 

Has anyone else been seeing one over there?

Ken Haas

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