I paddled around Danby’s Michigan Hollow Marsh (not North Spencer Marsh) this 
morning from about 5:00 until 8:00. Enjoyed multiple Marsh Wrens, including a 
pair in a spot that has been occupied for several weeks now. Then I found an 
obviously paired Pied-billed Grebe twosome, who quietly retreated into the 
cattails, a likely looking nest site. Mallards and Wood Ducks were leading 
ducklings around. And a pair of Northern Harriers (“Marsh Hawks” to us old 
timers) were hunting over the sedge meadows, and being harassed by  Red-winged 
Blackbirds. Believe they’re nesting there again this year.

About 8:30 I drove down the Hollow to find Acadian Flycatcher singing in the 
same spot as I reported on 5/17.



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