I have noticed, as have others, that the woods have not been as plentiful with bird song as normal. On my recent walks at Upper Buttermilk I have been very disappointed in the total absence of Wood Thrush, Veery, and Scarlet Tanager. By this time in past years I've always have several of these birds. On my most recent walk (Friday) I was wonderfully surprised to hear 2 Wood Thrush and 2-3 each of Veery and Scarlet Tanager. Why the sudden "reappearance"?? I know I'm going to be criticized for asking, but could some birds (species) still be migrating in? If not, then why did they finally "show up"? Some could argue they were busy with nesting. But I've never experienced birds remaining completely mum during the nesting season. Another argument could be that they are now moving around after the first brood. I doubt that would explain the numbers of these species I had all of a sudden plopping down in Upper Buttermilk? By the way, we picnicked at Upper Treman yesterday and bird song was relatively infrequent. Do any of you have any thoughts on this subject??



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