Prompted by the Swallow related posts a few days ago, I want to add the 
complete lack of tree swallows and barn swallows at our house. This is in 
Danby, Gunderman and Jersey Hill Road where there is lots of open fields that 
hay is the crop. There is no spraying just spreading of lime and fertilizer. 
This spring there were a few barn swallows which appeared to be looking for the 
usual nesting places but then they were seen no more. And the numbers have been 
decreasing for a few years. 
Now the tree swallows, 3 or 4 showed up and two were seen working around their 
usual nest box for a few days, when we found one dead inside the box and none 
others seen since. I say the rest were probably smart but we are feeling sad 
cause I feel they have been the major insect controller for our yard over the 
many years when there have been many, many tree swallows over and around our 
pond. Last year the numbers were down to a dozen maybe. 
Hoping for something to turn around. 



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