This evening as I biked home from work along the bike path between Floral 
Avenue and Cayuga Inlet I was surprised by an unusual bird on the narrow lawn 
between the bike path and the water. Often there are families of geese, but not 
today. I was tired, distracted by events of the day, and not really paying 
attention, so I was surprised by an adult BALD EAGLE which unfolded and took 
flight within a couple feet of me. It carried a substantial plucked carcass 
over the water and south out of view. It left behind a circle of feathers 2 or 
3 feet in diameter. They were mostly fluff, but they also included a few which 
looked like breast feathers from a female or young MALLARD. There were also 
several clumps which included half-grown and largely sheathed flight feathers. 
I don’t know whether this was an adult duck which had dropped all its flight 
feathers and was in the process of regrowing them or it was a young bird just 
growing them for the first time. 

- - Dave Nutter

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