In Cass Park there’s an Orchard Oriole nest being visited by both a female and 
an ASY (brown & black) male this evening. I assume this means there are 
nestlings in it. 

The nest is about 2 feet from the highest point of a young Sycamore tree 
growing along the bank of Cayuga Inlet at the SE corner of a grassy area 
containing a few remnant ancient Willows, and it’s just north of a small but 
heavily vegetated stream which passes through a culvert under the bike path. 
That’s south of the Coach’s Crossing bridge and the 4-sided birding kiosk. My 
guess of its coordinates on Google Maps is:
42.45084, -76.51153.

Anyway, if anyone wants to see Orchard Orioles in Ithaca here’s an opportunity. 
I watched with binoculars from the paved path, and had several brief views as 
individual parents came & went different directions to & from it. I don’t know 
if staring from closer would disturb them, but I urge people to be aware and 
considerate of them while viewing. 

- - Dave Nutter

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