Hi All,

Sorry for the last minute notice, but we are running this event tomorrow
morning and would appreciate if you can pass it along to anyone with kids
in this age range who might be interested.

- Conor Taff


Ever wonder what it’s like to study real, wild animals? Birds are a group
of animals loved by many people, but what do we really know about them? And
how do we know it?

Come spend a morning with the Vitousek Lab and get a peek behind the
curtain with real scientists working with wild birds! On *Sunday, July
8th from 9-10 am*, join us for science and fun at Cornell's Experimental
Ponds. Birds at this local field site have been studied for decades,
including a 30+ year study on the breeding biology of Tree Swallows.

Some examples of things you might learn:

- how do you tell birds apart from one another?
- what tools do scientists use to study birds?
- how do scientists catch wild birds?
- can we tell how old a bird is?
- what important things can we learn by studying birds?

This event is aimed at kids ages 8-12, but all are welcome! There will be
hands-on activities and opportunities to view wild birds up close. It can
sometimes be muddy at the Experimental Ponds, so we recommend wearing
tennis shoes or other shoes that can get dirty. Please RSVP with number and
ages of children likely to attend to j...@cornell.edu or ta...@cornell.edu.

The address of Cornell’s Experimental Ponds is 947 Warren Drive. To get
there, drive north past the Ithaca airport. Turn right onto Cherry Rd.,
then left onto Warren Dr. About 500 feet down Warren Dr., there is a
Cornell University sign. Turn right at this sign, drive down the gravel
road through the open gates, and park by the barn.

We hope to see you out with us!


Tom, Jenny, and Conor

Members of the Vitousek Lab

Rose Postdoctoral Fellow
Lab of Ornithology and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Department
Cornell University
E240 Corson Hall


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