Karen and I were listening to a movie with a night scene in a forest when I 
heard a saw-whet toot -  toot, etc. I jumped up to turn off the movie sound 
because I wasn't sure where the call came from. Amazing, my first ever 
in-my-yard, spontaneously calling saw-whet continued after the sound track was 
turned off!

By the way: I am going out on a limb and sawing it behind me. This year will be 
the best year ever for numbers of saw-whet banded! Last year's mega cone crop 
in Canada will support really high numbers of rodents, including red-backed 
voles. This food supply will support fat female saw-whets who will lay more 
eggs, and that food will assure that a high proportion of the hatched eggs 
actually fledge. Get ready for a great banding year. I have already ordered 
more bands for banding.

Hoot, hoot


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